As I suspected, there wasn’t that much left to do, and I finished the demo earlier today.

Verbose did have me a little worried when he mentioned “Hasen Pfefer”. I couldn’t find anyone by that name or anyone to give me a quest about him. Ha, turned out all I needed to do was head for the docks and there he was.

Just before the conclusion of the demo, I learned the teleport system. This works with a network of magical pylons, connected to a main portal in a fort near the town.

Naturally, the pylons have to be activated first. However, all the pylons go to the main portal in the fort. So you can’t go directly from A to B; you have to stop off at the fort first.

This seems to me an unnecessary step. Why not have the pylons just send you to where you want to go? Now, there is someone in the fort to whom you’re suppose to report now and then after you reach the frontier.

However, that could just as easily have been done in the outpost itself. Then again, there may be some plot-relevant point about this roundabout travel method.

One thing I noticed is that there aren’t any hooks as there were in the GF4 demo. In that one, you met the Shapers early on. And you had some interesting discussions with various rebels at the base.

In Avernum 5, there really aren’t any hooks. Most of the Avernites don’t say much, and tend to by mistrustful and/or insulting when you do talk to them. There isn’t a lot of conversation with the Empire folks, either.

There are some indications here and there. For instance, it could be that my general is thinking of grabbing the throne if “his guys” find the assassin first. And given how the Avernites feel about the empire, could be some would want to sabotage the mission just out of sheer spite.

For that matter, there being little love lost between both sides, who knows how many Empire agents are really trustworthy? Not all of them agree with current policy regarding Avernum and the non-human races.

So there are some definite story possibilities here. Still haven’t made up my mind yet whether to buy the game, but I’ll probably do that soon.