Over at rpgwatch, they have an interesting piece by Magerette on the subject of game burnout.

Of course, we’ve all experienced burnout at one time or another. Usually it comes from having played a game “to death”, to the point where the very title alone makes one tired.

And there are those periods where just the thought of playing any computer game, even a new one, brings on feelings of ennui. Both of these are signs we need to take a little break.

However, what Magerette is talking about is something else. It’s starting up a new game, one you like, and after a couple of hours, putting it aside. Her example is the NWN 2 expansion, Mask Of The Betrayer. She certainly likes it. But she just can’t get herself to play it.

Now, there could be several reasons beyond the two mentioned above for this situation. For instance, maybe the NWN mechanics/interface have reached the burnout point. Or playing at high level (this is an upper-level campaign) isn’t as much fun or as interesting as she anticipated.

Offhand, I don’t recall experiencing this myself. I’ve stopped playing because a game was awful, or boring, or I played it too much. But if it’s something I want to get into, and keeps me interested, I’ll stay with it to the end.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you started a game, liked it, but for some unknown reason, stopped playing it? Understand, I’m not talking about a game that doesn’t live up to the hype. I mean one you want to play, but just can’t seem to stay with it.

Time Out or Burnout on rpgwatch