Well, I went for it and unlocked the full game. After all, there isn’t much else out there right now.

When last we left our merry crew, they were at the docks. Actually, a second group was there, too. The demo being small enough, I started a second group of all Nephilim characters.

The kitties come with special bonuses: an automatic +2 for bow and throwing skills, and +1 on gymnastics. The downside is that they have a 10% experience penalty, which became larger after I picked up a couple of traits for each party member.

Oddly, that had little effect in the first chapter. Both teams ended up at level 7. Of course, the first team also had positive traits, but three of them were human with no innate penalty.

Anyway, the party shoved off in their little rowboat to chapter two, which is an area of islands scattered all over. As usual, there were jobs galore just waiting for us.

This section has two mages. One simply handed out the typical “do this for me” errands. The other mage, though, was a different matter. This guy is not trusting. He wants his stuff, and the only way to work for him is to accept a geas.

No thanks. I don’t need to be forced into completing jobs. Who knows what might come of that? That’s aside from being controlled in the first place. And I didn’t trust him very much, either.

A word here about the errands. Not all the jobs you pick up in a chapter can be finished in the same one. However, the description usually notes where you have to go to complete the task. Returning to an earlier chapter isn’t hard, though, since the portal system makes for rapid transit.

One problem is that sometimes, you can finish a task and inadvertantly skunk another one. I had this problem in Exodus, where a town guard wanted me to find some spies working for a bandit leader.

I turned up one spy, but then later killed the leader before finding any others. Now, that little errand will always be unfinished.

On the other hand, it’s possible to do a job ahead of time, and still get credit for it. Out in the wilderness, I killed a tough goblin mage. Then I talked to the mayor, who wanted me to take him down. So I just talked to him a second time and got my reward. But that only works for verbal quests. You could miss out by doing something on the jobs board, but without taking the notice.

I’ve actually made it into chapter 4 now (I’ve been playing for awhile, as you may have guessed) and the game has settled into a fairly predictable pattern, at least so far.

Each area has a “key person”, the “do this for me so you can move to the next chapter” NPC. It also has a multitude of side jobs, and a “Dorikas was here” situation of some kind.

Of course, we all know the chase (hunt?) will not end until the final chapter. Pity about about that. Think how refreshing it would be if I caught up to him in, say, chapter 7. Then the last two chapters could be the aftermath, the squabble over the throne. Oh well.