So we’ve reached a fairly involved area. There are two towns, Highground and Muck. They don’t like each other.

Highground is restricted. They won’t let anyone new settle there, claiming a shortage of land and resources. So the new arrivals head on to Muck. That wouldn’t be so bad, except Highground wants all the land in the area.

And there are the usual other problems: assassin worms in the mines, weird bats, and giants. There’s supposed to be an agreement between the giants and the Avernites, but some giants don’t go along with it.

The big thing is that the mayor of Highground wants me to ask the Queen of the giants to attack Muck. On the other hand, the sergeant at Muck wants me to kill the Queen.

Of course, I could just walk away from that entirely, go on with my travels and leave the situation as-is. It probably wouldn’t make much difference in the game.

Dorikas seems to have passed through this area; at least some powerful bunch looted a bit from Highground. They didn’t bother with Muck, but then that place doesn’t have a lot.

I’m beginning to wonder if Dorikas isn’t so much running away as to something, way down in the depths of Avernum. I’m also beginning to find the combat a bit much.

Most of the side jobs require killing something (or some things), though there have been a few non-violent tasks. And there are a couple of optional areas I’ve passed up, just because I’d rather not fight if I don’t have to.

The next location is to the south, but that’s blocked by a powerful barrier. So we’ll have to find a way around it. But that’s later; for the moment, my happy bunch is still, ahem, Mucking around.