Well, we did what we could around Muck. Then not having decided about the giants, I pushed on ahead and reached the Vahnatai lands (note to Verbose: “She’s dead, Jim” ;).

They were friendly, kinda-sorta. The head Vahn naturally had a little job for me. Nothing much, I just had to “destablize” Muck. And then he’d let us through the exit and we could be on our way.

That, of course, fit it quite nicely with the task from Highground to have the giants attack Muck. However, I like to root for the underdog, and what with the Vahnatai, the Highgrounders, and the giants, I figured poor Muck was outnumbered.

Happily for us, another Vahnatai, who didn’t like us, actually gave us a clue as to another way out the of the area. So I didn’t need to have Muck demolished.

Interestingly, there was a job board here, too. Readable, even, though the English was a little peculiar. Jeff indulged his sense of humor here. After mentioning the board was legible, he finished up with:

“It’s refreshing to know that, whatever the differences between your peoples, the Vahnatai race is as sincere as humanity in its desire to get you killed”. Yeah, there’s nothing like being loved to death ;)

So we did most of the tasks, and then moved on out through the underground passage. Unfortunately, I forgot to go back to the Highground area and kill the queen of the giants first.

That was also a one-way trip, and quite nasty, too. What I found waiting outdoors wasn’t pleasant, either: a high-level Loyalist mage and a few friends. After it was over, I discovered who the spy in the outpost was, which didn’t surprise me. I’d had my suspicions for some time now.

Then my merry band boarded another rowboat and set off along the Dark River (cheery) and down a set of (what else?) one-way rapids. However, I’m not too worried. We just arrived at the residence of someone to whom I have to make a delivery from the Vahnatai. So there’s probably a teleporter around here somewhere.

We’re getting close to the end, I think, since the River is chapter 8. But who knows how much needs to be done yet? Not me. Besides, I have some unfinished business back in Muck.