Yes, it is done. My merry crew of kitties was actually closer to the finale than I thought.

We weren’t all that far from the front gate, as it turned out, and I guess we killed off most of the defenders along the road. Getting into the fortress wasn’t difficult. Of course, reaching it hadn’t been easy.

So anyway, we trooped along the hall for the inevitable meeting with Dorikas himself. You know, the required conversation with Foozle before the fireworks start.

He did offer us the option to surrender. Naturally, we laughed in his face. Hey, come this far, thought all those nasty battles, and then give up? Hahaha!

As usual, he had some friends with him, but luckily for us they weren’t all that effective. Surprisingly, the big D was rather easy to damage. I hadn’t been expecting that. Then again, he also had over 4,000 hitpoints.

We battered him down a bit, and he decided to take off. Coward! The friends he left behind were removed quickly, and off we went after Dorikas again.

We caught up to him again in another room. With more friends, what else? This time, he must have used an invulnerability potion, as the hits did litle or no damage.

So we just ignored him and worked on his friends. I figured by the time we got rid of them, the potion would have worn off. Which is what happened, and yes, he nipped out again after taking some more hits.

The last fight took place in his throne room. There was no place to go from there, so it was do or die for him. Naturally, he died ;)

Despite his being a traitor, we were merciful. Really. He asked us to kill him rather than haul him back to the surface for trial. So we did. I figured that not only was it safer (he still had highly-placed friends, after all), but think of the money saved! ;).

After that, the end game resolution rolled, telling me what happened in the future. Was it a good ending? I think so. The kitties may have been Empire soldiers, but they did have pro-Avernum leanings.

Anyway, with the game done, i should have the review up sometime later in the week.