You know gaming is truly mainsteam when the Guinness Book Of World Records puts out a special editon just for games.

I kid you not. There is, indeed, a Guinness World Records Gamers Edition. It is not about “tallest gamer” or “oldest gamer”. It’s about various records set in both video games and PC games. Along with a few others, that are a little on the, umm, odd side.

For example, there’s the guy who set the record for jail time. Yep, he was jailed for four months for playing Tetris on his mobile phone on a plane.

And then we have performing arts. Ballet. I’d never heard of this before, but apparently the first video game to inspire a ballet was Dragon Quest. Gotta wonder about that “first”; have there been others?

And they’re into game-related stuff, too. On March 18th in London, they’re holding “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Games Characters”. I wonder how many Lara Crofts will show up? At least it may be a change from the usual “chainmail bikini babes” ;).

Of course, most of the records listed on the site are more mundane, such as “fastest Half-Life 2 completion time” and most games sold on the “such and such platform” (records in the latter category are usually temporary for obvious reasons).

Anyway, give it a look. You may find something of interest.

Guinness Book of World Records Gamer Edition