Over at rpgwatch, they have up a brief vignette from Iron Tower’s Age Of Decadence. Interestingly, it was something of a group project.

Iron Tower is running a big (colossal) thread on its forum called “Let’s Play AOD”. It starts with the forum members (let’s call them the “players”) choosing a profession for character, then deciding on stats and skills.

From there, they go into the game and decide on what the character will do in each situation. The thread is currently up to 50 pages, which is a lot to wade through.

So Iron Tower posted the vignette for those who want to cut to the chase. It’s a fascinating little piece, complete with screenshots (you’ll want to click on the shots to see the enlargements; the thumbnails are pretty much illegible), about Titus the Assassin.

What especially caught my eye was the part in the text where, if you were a merc, you’d be guarding the victim, and if you’d been a merchant, you’d be ordering the hit.

Now that’s a very nifty way of doing things. I don’t know what the setup would have been had a different profession, say “grifter”, been chosen. But for all that, it does seem that AoD has some sparkling quality to it. The screens look good, too (well, the enlargements do).

Also, this one appears to be a numbers-heavy game. Plenty of stats and skills to think about. AoD is obviously not aimed at the “action” crowd. So far, I’ve liked everything I’ve heard/seen about this game, and I’m hoping it will be out soon. In the meantime, check out the vignette, and for those with iron (heh) fortitude, I also include a link to the forum thread.

AoD vignette on rpgwatch

Huge “Play AoD” thread on Iron Tower’s forum