Being a (cough) “veteran gamer”, I can remember when games had no sounds to speak of. Just a few (often annoying) beeps and boops from a tinny little speaker.

These days, games come with full music scores and a variety of sound effects good enough (in many cases) for a movie. Certainly, some good tunes can add to the playing experience. For all that, I can manage without them.

You may have noticed there’s no mention of music in the Avernum 5 review. There isn’t any. It took me awhile to realize that; I hadn’t noticed the absence for some time.

Well, there is a little tune that plays when the game starts up. And there might be a little more somewhere else, but it’s subtle enough that I just overlook (overhear?) it.

That’s fine with me. I don’t mind if a game is quiet. Especially when there are enough sound effects in combat (so maybe, not so quiet ;). I can recall playing games on occasion with the speakers off, just because I felt they were too noisy, or maybe too repetitious.

Of course, I’m not against music. The collector’s edition of Diablo II came with a separate CD that has all the game tunes in it. Now and then, I play it just to hear the music. However, I wouldn’t bring up a game just to hear the music in it (well, there was one time…don’t ask)

What about you? Do you think music adds to your gaming fun, or is it just annoying? Would you notice if a game had no music? Would you care if it didn’t? Or are you one of those who keep the speakers off and play something else while you game?