The other day, in Got Music?, I mentioned in an aside there was one time when I reinstalled a game to hear the music.

Actually, it was one specific piece. I’d bought a CD of baroque music, and as one selection began playing, I really sat up and took notice.

“I’ve heard that one before”.

“It was in Might & Magic VI“.

“It was in the Temple Of Baa in Might & Magic VI“.

It was in the Temple Of Baa outside Castle Ironfist in Might & Magic VI“.

It had been years since I’d played that one. Yet, amazingly, I could recall the exact game and location. Of course, you know what’s coming next. I hardly need to tell you. But I will anyway ;)

I rooted around and dug out the M&M VI CDs. Even came up with the manual (miracles still occur!). Installed the game, and started in. Killed a few critters, and walked around wondering why the mana wasn’t coming back. Oh yeah, it’s not that kind of game.

My memory of it, as far as playing went, was a trifle rusty. I had to dig out my old notes and start over again. That was embarrassing. However, my stalwart band did better on the second excursion.

They cleaned up the area around New Sorpigal and moved on to Castle Ironfist (they’d been there briefly earlier for horseshoes and bows). With great care, the party advanced on the evil temple.

We stepped inside. There was no welcoming committee, so I could listen in peace. And sure enough, the music began playing. It was an arrangement of Albinoni’s “Adagio”. Certainly some of the most funereal music around.

Yes, I had remembered rightly. And then, naturally, I uninstalled the game. It was just to hear the “Adagio” that I went through all the trouble. Of course, that doesn’t make me crazy. Just obsessive ;)