I have little faith in the results of studies done on video games. Given that these are supposed to be “scientific”, the amount of poor planning and loose thinking that goes on is incredible.

Last year, in Racing Games: Risky Driving?, we looked at a “study” that purported to show that playing racing games caused players to drive in a dangerous manner.

All the “experimenters” did was have the subjects play a racing game, then use a simulator. Well gee. Is there such a difference between the two?

So now there’s a “study” by some Germans, that supposedly shows the same results. I’m not surprised, because they did pretty much the same thing: subjects played a racing game, then a simulator.

When you know that the situation is virtual, especially coming off a driving game, I’d expect such people to take more chances. What does that have to do with driving in real life? Has anyone tested that yet?

For that matter, has anyone tried to check on time elapsed between playing a racer and driving? Do most who play those games immediately jump in their car after playing?

I really am getting fed up with these ill-conceived, bogus “studies” that show only muddy thinking at best on the part of people from whom we expect better. Much better. Sheesh. Maybe it’s time to ask for a moratorium on this stuff, until those who conduct these “studies” get their minds in gear.

“Risky Driving” (ha) at canada.com