We’ve talked several times about games having multiple endings. Usually, that’s good. But perhaps there can be too much of a good thing in that regard.

How much is too much? Say, 200+ different endings? That’s what the designers of Fallout 3 said the other day. Apparently they’re trying to cram in as much “personalization”, based on your actions in the game, as they can possibly manage.

Going by what was up on gamebanshee, the developers just kept getting ideas and stuffing them into the game. So I wonder, do we really need so many?

Hey, I don’t mind if a game has different finales based on what you did during play. But this seems a little over the top to me. Of course, it’s also an incentive to replay and see what you can get by doing different things the second time (or third, or whatever) around.

And how much difference can there really be? I have the feeling that a lot of it would have to be minor. After all, they’ve said the game comes to a definite conclusion, so how many “main” endings can they manage?

What do you think? Does that sound like too many to you, or do you think this is a good idea? And if it actually should work out, what would this mean for other RPGs in the future?

Fallout 3‘s many endings on gamebanshee