Over at rpgatch, they have a feature interview with Coyote (also known in some quarters as Jay Baranson ;), mainly about his in-the-works RPG, Frayed Knights.

Of course, I keep an eye on his blog, but it was nice to have a lot of the pertinent information all in one place. For those who aren’t aware, Knights is a comedy RPG, something we really haven’t had since Steve Meretzky’s Superhero League Of Hoboken.

Anyway, Coyote has an interesting twist on the save/restore issue: drama stars. These accumulate as you play and can be used to “help out” in desperate situations. The trick is, if you reload a game, the stars go away.

I wonder what will happen when you make the “final save of the day” and then reload from it the next time you play. Will those “drama stars” be lost? Hmmmm. Got any info on that for us, Coyote?

The good news is, he plans to have a demo – excuse me, pilot ;) – available next month for a trial run and feedback. I will be very interested to see how this all works (hey, don’t cringe, Jay; I’ll try to be gentle).

Do take a few moments to read the interview. This isn’t going to be your typical RPG.

Frayed Knights Interview with Coyote on rpgwatch