Not too long ago, the Independent Gaming Source website held a competition for its members. The idea was to use something called the “Video Game Name Generator” to create a title, then make the actual game.

The contest is now over. There were 48 entries, all of them available through the tigsource website. As you may have suspected, many of the titles are a bit over the top.

For instance, there’s Viking Bazooka Bloodbath. And we thought they did well enough just with axes ;) One can only imagine the carnage…

Perhaps Super Mario vs. Programming In China might be a trifle more sedate. But I wouldn’t bet on it. Go, Mario, Go!

But my favorite title, the one that got me to laugh out loud, was (dare I say it? Sure!)….Tiny Platypus Pimps! How could you not love a title like that?

Of course, a lot of these are small. I couldn’t check the sizes of most of them (they went to straight download), but a few were hosted where I could see how large they were, and those were all miniature by today’s standards.

So if a title intrigues you, go ahead and get it. You’ll probably have a few minutes (hours?) of pleasant diversion. Besides, they’re all free!

Video Name Game Contestants on tigsource