Over at Voodoo Extreme, they have a little poll running on “underused game settings”. Or, what do you want to see more of?

While not all that long, the list of choices does cover a fair amount of ground. So far, Post-Apocalyptic is the popular one, with 11.21% of the votes, Cyberpunk a close second with 10.82%, and Space Opera and Steampunk pretty much tied for third, with 8.89% and 8.91% respectively.

Yeah, we really haven’t had a post-apoc game since Fallout 2, if I recall rightly. Cyberpunk…hmm, what was the last game there? And no one’s done very much with a Steampunk setting (there was one game, whose title escapes me for the moment). So I agree those are definitely under-used.

It’s interesting to note that most of those are somewhat in the SF camp, a genre that hasn’t been popular until recently (at least going by supposed upcoming releases in this area).

Do any of those strike your fancy as being good for a game setting? Or – after you’ve perused the poll list – did VE leave out something you’d prefer? Or are you happy enough with the usual fake feudal setting?

Most Underused Game Settings on Voodoo Extreme