Most have heard by now that Iron Lore, the company that made Titan Quest, has closed its doors. Two other companies, Stormfront and Castaway, are teetering on the edge of closure, as well.

All three have the same problem: lack of funding. Not enough money to keep operations going, because they couldn’t get a firm commitment from a publisher.

In the cases of Stormfront and Castaway, they have suspended operations but are still hoping to come up with some bucks before time runs out. It seemed to me from what I read, both are willing to be bought out by a larger company. Anything to keep the wheels turning.

This is especially sad in the case of Iron Lore, who had a popular game and expansion, yet couldn’t bring in enough cash to keep going. The IP belongs to THQ, so there might be a TQ 2 in the future, though done by a different team.

We’ve talked in the past about how independent developers might be the ones to bring some real innovation and creativity to the games market. But it’s a rocky road, and it all comes down, as usual, to money. And when studios like Iron Lore and Stormfront hit the skids, it has to make any indie a bit nervous.

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