Y’know, sometimes I wonder if some (maybe many) people are going overboard playing games, especially the online ones. There are two new pills out in Japan, aimed specifically at gamers.

One purports to be good for eyestrain, and the other alleges it improves concentration. So far as anyone can tell, there is no scientific evidence to support those claims.

That’s not likely to stop anyone from buying this stuff, of course. But it disturbs me that “supplements” like these, along with all those “energy drinks”, are aimed at keeping gamers playing, when they should be taking some time out to rest.

A tired body, strained eyes, lack of concentration: these are signs you need to chill out for awhile, not pop something to keep going. Certainly not to play a game.

Does anyone else feel disturbed by this? Isn’t there an implicit statement here that it’s okay to “pop til you drop”? And doesn’t that provide more ammunition to the anti-game crowd? Something we really don’t need more of at the moment (or any other time, for that matter). What do you think?

Pills For Gamers In Japan on Gamespot