You may recall that awhile back, in Age Of Decadence Vignette, rpgwatch posted a summary of AOD forum readers playing out the game via the message board. Now they have a follow-up.

The story continues with our assassin going shopping, and then consulting a sage about an item he has. There are several things I like about this. First, he has several choices available on what to do after completing his assignment from last time.

Second, some things may open up, depending on his skills, and he learns more of what’s going on. Third, he gets a job offer from the merchant, to kill a rival. Makes alot more sense than “hey, I’ve got these rats in my cellar…”. ;)

Go take a look. Gosh, the more I see of this, the more I want to play it myself. Hey, am I getting excited here? When was the last time that happened? Don’t ask, because I can’t remember. I just hope it will run on my system when it does show up.

Let’s Play AOD #2 on rpgwatch