…that first grabbed you about computer gaming? When was that first moment when you said, “I gotta have one of those! I wanna be able to do that, too!”? That, of course, being playing a game.

Mine came at a combined show for the Apple ][ and TRS-80 computers. I wandered the aisles oblivious to all the professional software and third-party peripherals. My interest was caught by various games on display around the floor.

I don’t know what I saw first. It didn’t matter. My reaction was intense and immediate: Wow! I want to do that! I really want to do that! This may have been the closest I ever came to drooling in public ;)

But really, it was fascinating, that first experience, and so hard now to recapture these many years later. It was like walking in a wonderland. People were actually playing the games, and sometimes it was hard to decide where to look. Alas, I didn’t get a chance to do any playing myself. That probably made the desire all the stronger.

It was the Apple games that pulled me, because they were graphical. The TRS-80 (known lovingly as the “Trash 80”) was a monochrome system. That doesn’t explain why, of the first four games I bought after getting my Apple, three were text adventures (as noted in my post, In The Beginning). Must have been my contrary nature ;)

And no, I didn’t buy a computer that day; it was awhile before I could afford one. My Apple. My beloved Apple. Still my favorite. You never forget your first computer! Or your first game. And what about you?