Destructoid is reporting a hefty protest by Australian gamers over the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto IV. Yes, the gamers.

For one thing, they aren’t happy that the game is being censored for the Australian market. Australia has a bizarre ratings system that doesn’t account for anything beyond the 15+ age group. So Rockstar had to make some changes in GTA IV.

On top of that, the game will retail for a whopping $120, or about twice what someone here would pay. Yeah, I’d be unhappy over something like that myself.

So now stores are getting a lot of cancellations on pre-orders. Going by the article, it’s likely that Aussie gamers will find ways of obtaining the full version, which may or may not be entirely legal. As one of the commenters pointed out, this is bad for the stores.

GTA IV is one of the highest-anticipated games of the year, so the retail outlets look to lose a fair amount of revenue. And it’s another incentive for those who want the game to get it from the torrents.

I don’t know why the game is so expensive over there. That really is an outrageous price, on top of GTA IV being censored. How can people afford that? Things are crazy in the land of Oz these days.

GTA IV Pre-orders Cancelled on Destructoid