Last month, in a comment on Piracy Is Not The Problem, I pointed out that the CP-free Sins Of A Solar Empire was the #2 best-selling game for February. An amazing achievement for an indie game. So what about March?

This time, Voodoo Extreme has the numbers. Sins has slipped a bit, and is now at #5. But just think of that for a moment. An independent game, with no CP, being a top-5 seller two months in a row. And beating out two WoW titles, at that.

Of course, that’s good for Stardock. Still it does show that people are buying the game, when we all know it’s up on the torrents with everything else.

So what do you think it is? Gamers feel it’s worth the money? They want to support a no-CP product? A million-to-one shot that came off? Could this happen again, with another product, Stardock’s or not?

PC Best Sellers for March on Voodoo Extreme