We’ve talked a lot about story in games, and pretty much agreed that most of them are trite, to say the least. However, gamesradar has come up with a list of fifteen they call “all-time best stories” in games.

It’s certainly an interesting list. No surprise, Planescape: Torment is there. So is Fallout 2, although I don’t quite agree with that; I think the original was better. Mainly because the plot of FO2 was the same as the first game.

Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers made the cut, and a good choice. I consider this the best of the GK games myself. As gamesradar said, it’s an adult story, and well-presented.

You’ll find Grim Fandango there, too. Good story, horrible controls. I rather liked Manny, even if he was a Grim Reaper ;)

The only one I quarrel with is The Longest Journey. Maybe that’s because I recall so little of it now. Obviously, the story didn’t impress me very much.

I didn’t play any of the others, but the write-ups make them sound interesting. Since the plots are given away (this isn’t just a straight list), you may want to skip reading about anything you haven’t played but might in the future.

Y’know, aside from Bioshock, none of the games on the list are recent. That’s sad. Maybe all those designers blathering about “putting story in games” ought to play a few of those on the list.

15 Best Video Game Stories Ever on gamesradar