Over at Destructoid, there’s a post up by “topgeargorilla”. He plays demos. Not full games, just demos. Only demos.

Obviously, he saves a lot of money doing that. And, if what he writes is true, he gets enough pleasure from the demos that he feels no need to buy the full game. Even if he really likes it.

Most of us, of course, get a demo to check out how it runs on our systems, and also determine if the full game is worth buying. That is the main reason why companies release them: as a hook for purchasing.

Of course, that’s also a risk. The demo might be terrible for any number of reasons, and thereby turn off a lot of people who might have bought it otherwise.

But here we have someone who just doesn’t care about playing the full game. And, going by the comments to the post, he isn’t alone. Others out there do much the same.

I can’t see this myself. Okay, we know that a fair number of games tend to be repetitious. So there, perhaps, going through the first few levels is satisfaction enough.

However, there are also plenty of games with enough variety that just a small piece doesn’t show you everything. Yet there are players who apparently are perfectly happy doing the same small section over many times.

I’ve never done that myself. If I don’t like the demo, off it goes into the bit bucket. If I do like it, then naturally I’m going to buy the full product.

Have any of you done something like this? Got a demo, and just played that over and over, not bothering about the full game, even though you enjoyed the demo?

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