Yes, time for Rockstar to be in the controversy spotlight once more. In this case, over the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV. The Chicago Transit Authority doesn’t like it.

In fact, the CTA dislikes it so much, they’re pulling all the GTA IV ads from buses. Ah, but let’s not blame them too much. After all, they only noticed this after that “staunch defender of morals and children”, Fox News, questioned the posting of the ads.

According to Game Politics, that’s all that was necessary for the CTA to suffer acute diarrhea and pull the advertising. Even though nothing especially violent was in any of them.

The problem I have with this is the scent of hypocrisy here. If they really didn’t want the ads, why accept them in the first place? This isn’t the first time that the CTA has pulled GTA ads.

It’s certainly the CTA’s prerogative as to what advertising they allow on their buses. But there is definitely something smelly about first taking the ads and then dumping them.

Of course, with the news of this flying all over the place, GTA IV is getting plenty of new publicity, and all for free. But hey, at least the bus riders in Chicago are safe!

GTA IV ads pulled on Game Politics