Okay, I’ve just taken my first step into Daemonica. This is definitely an action-adventure game. Fighting is possible, and you have hitpoints to keep track of life. That seems to be as far as it goes, though. No commands for jumping around, and no mention of character levels or improving hitpoints. Haven’t had any fights yet, though.

Graphics are good and the view is 3rd person, as in Diablo. Unlike that game, however, you can switch the view by using the arrow keys. This is handy.

I normally run in 800×600 resolution, but the game came up automatically at 1024×768. So far it’s running well, and things do look a bit sharper. So I’ll probably stay with the higher res. By the way, your original resolution comes back after you quit the game.

The game is somewhat dark, and I suspect it will be that way for quite some time. I’ve already talked to a number of people, and apparently the sun hasn’t shone here in a long while. Obviously evil things are afoot. But of course we expect that.

Your character is Nicholas Farepoynt, Beast Hunter, a sort of wandering vigilante who goes after serial killers in a quasi-medieval setting. He can also talk with the dead, but this is both a dangerous and an involved process. Not likely I’ll be doing that soon.

Herbs and potion-making appear to be important features. Making potions doesn’t look to be all that simple a task, either.

From the little I’ve seen, and what I get from the manual, conversation will be a big part of the game. This takes place with both voice-overs and text, although it’s mostly text right now.

Nick does have a diary to keep track of important facts, potion recipes, and whatnot. This is good, but I’ve already come across important information that wasn’t recorded. So it seems pencil and paper will be necessary from time to time.

Farepoynt is in town at the request of the mayor. Three people are dead, but the apparent killer has already been executed by the time Nicholas gets there. So now the Mayor wants him to turn up evidence to prove the right person was hanged. Nick has his doubts about that, and so do I (there wouldn’t be a game otherwise, right? ;)

So this is definitely a mystery story of some kind, and I’m guessing a lot of investigation will be necessary before it’s over.

Stay tuned, sports fans. miniscorp

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