It’s been some time now since I played anything that could be regarded as an “A” title. And I’d been kinda looking forward to giving Mass Effect a try, since the minimum specs are surprisingly low. Not anymore.

No, no Mass Effect for me. Over on the official forums, Derek French posted about the copy protection for the PC version. It is more horrible than I could have imagined.

They are using SecuROM with a CD key. You have to log in to activate the game. Right there is a black mark. But it gets much worse.

You then have to log in to the server once every ten days to keep the game active. Yeah, once isn’t enough. You have to keep running back there and saying: “Look, Ma! I’m honest! I’m not a pirate!”.

What a slap in the face to everyone who buys the game. It has nothing to do with “lots of people have broadband”. It’s the very fact that you have to keep proving your copy is legitimate.

And they wonder why people pirate games. This is one reason why. And I have no doubts that Mass Effect will be up on the torrents fairly soon after release, with plenty of people ready to download it, just to avoid the inane “copy protection”.

So Mass Effect is scratched off the list. Maybe it’s time to just forget about these “A” titles and stick with indie products. They’re a lot less hassle, and more fun.

I was so infuriated by this, I forgot to include the link to the message:

Ridiculous CP on Mass Effect forums