As some of you know, Jeff Vogel is working on Geneforge 5, which will close out the series and bring to conclusion the war between the Shapers and the rebels.

He’s just posted an update on the official forums. Work is going well (if he would just stop playing GTA IV et al. ;), and he hopes to have the Mac version out in November. Of course, for the PC, that means (sniff) next year sometime.

One of the features that caught my eye is that he will be upgrading the graphics, but arranging it so that older machines will still be able to run the game. If only other designers (you know who they are) would be so considerate.

According to the post, there are five endings planned, one for each faction. We will also finally get to meet the Shaper Council, which has been mentioned many times, but never seen.

I am especially interested in those endings. No doubt, there will be one where the Shapers are finally victorious. What about the other four? I can’t see the Shapers coming to any sort of agreement with the rebels.

What I’m hoping is that one of those finales will allow for the end of Shaping powers permanently. To me, that’s the only conclusion that seems right. But who knows? Only Jeff, and he isn’t saying ;) I’m looking forward to this one.

Geneforge 5 update on official forums