Over at the Mass Effect forums, Jay Watamaniuk has posted that EA is ditching the ten-day authorization requirement. Unfortunately, that’s all they’re changing.

You will still have to connect to the server for authentication the first time the game runs. And you’re still restricted to three installations. Some on the boards think this is victory, but I don’t.

This whole situation smells of cheap tricks. When Bioshock was released, many were outraged by the need to go online for verification. After all, that’s a single-player game. So suppose EA wanted to make that more “palatable” in the future?

So suppose they announce the “10-day check-in”, and after the expected firestorm of protest, they come prancing in with “We listen to our fans! We’re removing the 10-day authorization check! Aren’t we wonderful?”.

Meanwhile, they retain the online authorization (and who knows what information is being sent?) along with the maximum three installs. And while they say that additional installs will be handled on a “case by case basis”, what does that really mean?

And why should any legitimate purchaser have to jump through hoops to play a game? This new announcement changes nothing, and I’m still not buying Mass Effect.

10-Day Requirement Dropped on official forums