Or should that be “Gamer Sooner”? Whichever, gamepolitics is reporting that Muskogee, Oklahoma just elected John Tyler Hammons as its new mayor.

The main item of note is that he’s a 19-year-old political science major at the University of Oklahoma. What makes it news, though, is that he’s also a gamer.

Given his age, that’s no surprise. But why make a big thing about this? Because so many politicians these days are rabid video game opponents? I guess that must be it, and it is a bit refreshing to hear about someone elected who didn’t campaign on “save our kids” for a change.

Of course, I do wonder how he’s going to balance the demands of school with running a small city (pop. 38,000). Likely, he won’t have as much time for gaming as he used to, with a workload like that.

Still, one small step for a gamer, one tiny leap for the gaming community…

19-year-old Gamer elected Mayor at gamepolitics