Back in the glory days of Hollywood, the guys who ran the studios knew pretty much what they were doing. Yeah, they had some clunkers, and plenty of films could be called “mediocre”. But they at least tried to get good material. And now, we have this….

Variety is reporting that Crystal Sky Pictures has picked up $200 million in funding for a slate of pictures. A slate that includes a movie version of Pac-man. Pac-man? Movie?? What are they thinking? A film about a gluttonous glob that just goes around eating dots and avoiding ghosts?

Of course, they have an edge. Since the game has no story or plot of any kind, they can do pretty much whatever they please. Maybe Pac-man will be an ordinary guy who becomes “super” by chewing a few pills. Hah.

Or a cartoon for the kiddies, perhaps? But still, why this? Given Hollywood’s track record with games that had at least some content, however shallow, why reach for the bottom of the barrel? Are they that desperate for material?

Man, Jack Warner, et alii must be spinning in their graves. But check it out for yourself.

Crystal Sky plans Pac-Man movie on Variety