Over at the Iron Tower forum, they have a 3-part “roundtable” covering setting, story, and characters. The participants are a combination of A-title and indie developers.

The whole thing is a hefty read; once most of these guys get started, they plow right on. Except for Jeff Vogel, who makes the shortest comments on all three aspects ;).

The one remark that seems to fly in the face of logic was made by Kevin Saunders, who said: “In my opinion, the setting, story, and characters should all be secondary to the goal of making the game.”.

Uh-huh. So if there is no setting, story, or characters, what exactly is left? The mechanics? That does not make a lot of sense to me, keeping in mind they’re discussing CRPGs.

In any case, because this three-parter is so big, the link at the end points to Part I, which deals with settings. Otherwise, comments here might go zipping all over the place.

What I’m especially interested in, is your thoughts on how what they say corresponds to the games they’ve worked on (aside from those still in development, such as Broken Hourglass). You should be familiar with most of them.

Iron Tower RT#1 Settings