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1. Please DO NOT USE AN AOL address! We cannot get email through to AOL. You will never see the confirmation email with your password. Hotmail, Yahoo, almost any other email provider should be okay. This is one of the technical difficulties we are working on. We very much regret this inconvenience to AOL members :(

2. The email will come from wordpress(at) Be sure to whitelist that address. Replace the “(at)” with the usual @ sign. Please also whitelist scorpia(at) so we can get important Lair-related emails to you when necessary(we DO NOT spam!).

3. After logging in, you will be on the Profile page. Enter a nickname if you want the name on your posts to be different than your username. Be sure to choose the right name from the drop-down box (if you filled in a nickname). There is no need to fill in any of the other information fields, as profile viewing is disabled. You can, however, change your password here, and we recommend you do that on your first login.

4. Look up at the top of the page, just right of Scorpia’s Gaming Lair, for “view site”. Click that to get back to the site.

5. When posting a comment, you should not fill in the “name email website” fields above the comment box. Only logged-in users can post, so that information isn’t necessary. Simply type into the comment box and then click “say it”.

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P.S. We require logins as one means of cutting down on the infamous spambots that like to fill up blogs with all manner of garbage links.