Newsfeeds – also known as RSS – are the best way to keep up with new content on multiple sites. Instead of running around to check each place individually, you can use just one location and see what’s new at all your favorite areas, provided they send out a feed.

There are two ways to get a feed. The first is to have a program called a “news aggregator” on your own computer. You set this up with the feed urls of your choice. Then it either works automatically, or you can manually check for new information.

The big advantage of having your own aggregator is that you’re not dependent on a particular website to gather the feeds. The downside is, if you’re not on your home machine – maybe you’re travelling – you can’t access the feeds.

The second way is to have the feeds on a particular website. For instance, both My Yahoo and My MSN allow you to “add content”, and you can add the urls you want in those sections. Then you simply check that page to see anything new. The advantage here is that, wherever you are, on your own machine or not, you can check for new content. The disadvantage is that, if the site you’re using stops gathering feeds, or goes out of business, you’re in trouble. You have to find a new place and enter all your feeds again.

Which to use is up to you. Only you can decide what suits you best.

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