Every site has to have a privacy statement these days, and this is ours.

There are certain basic functions built into the ‘net, and by those, we know where you come from, what you look at while here, how long you stay, and where you go when you leave. We also know your IP, what browser you use, and your screen resolution. None of that is “personally identifiable” information. It can’t be used to identify you as a particular individual.

So what do we do with it? Well, it’s always interesting to see where people are coming from. The real purpose, however, is to track how many unique visitors we receive, and what sections of the site get the most activity. This gives us a better idea of what information people find most important or entertaining. We can then give you more of what you want.

To just look around and read, you don’t have to do anything special. If you want to post a message, you must sign up. There is no charge for this. During signup, you must give a valid email address, because your password is sent there. This email is for internal purposes only. We do not sell, rent, exchange, or lease it to anyone else, except as required by law. We will use your email address only to contact you about important issues regarding the site. It will not be used to send spam.

You do not have to give any other personal information. All we require is a username (your choice) and the email address.

Cookies must be on to log in. These are session cookies, and go away when you close your browser.

And that’s all there is to it.