Scorpia’s Gaming Lair is a privately owned and operated area, run jointly by Scorpia and R&D Enterprises. We provide independent, quality reviews of computer games, and other game-related material.

Scorpia is responsible for the public side of the Lair, including all the content. From the ’80s through April ’99, she was a lead reviewer of, and hint giver for, adventure and role-playing games in Computer Gaming World. Scorpia also ran game-related areas on Compuserve (the original GameSIG), Delphi (GameSIG), AOL (Scorpia’s Lair), and GEnie (Games RoundTable).

Dale Roethlisberger (the “D” of R&D) handles the technical side of things, including hosting the Domain site (among many others) and providing technical support. He is a long-time professional in the computer field, as both a consultant and a BBS SysOp. Dale ran the first multi-line BBS in Colorado, and operated a similar one after moving to Maryland before graduating to ISP status and the big time ;).